We are a castor manufacturer

We manufacture industrial castors, castors for furniture, castors for supermarkets, hospitals …

More than 40 years of history

40 years manufacturing castors

We design and produce our own models: 100% guaranteed quality on all our wheels.

Own die-stamping

Custom-made products in minimum periods: our castors are made of top-quality virgin materials.

Present all over the world

We have a commercial network, which allows us to distribute our castors in more than 40 countries, quickly and efficiently.


Special work conditions

Do you know what material you want or where are you going to use the wheels?

Specific characteristics of the products

Are you clear about the characteristics of the wheel you are looking for? Select them and find the wheel of your life.

Search by code

Do you know the product code? Then write it down and find your wheel.

We are Tecnitem

40 years manufacturing castors

We design and produce our own models:We cover the needs of our most demanding customers with special castors completely customized.

Own die-stamping and injection molds.

We respond to the needs of customized products in minimum periods : our wheels are manufactured with virgin materials of first quality.

Wide commercial network

We have a commercial network that allows us to distribute our wheels in more than 40 countries, quickly and efficiently.

Tecnitem in numbers

More than 2.000.000 units served in the last year.

More than 4.000 references in our catalogue.

National commercial network composed of more than 20 professionals.

More than 200 series of products.

More than 1.000 active clients.

25% of exported production.

We export to 40 countries in the 5 continents.

Almost 90% of line of order served in less than 24 hours.

More than 5.000 m2 of surface in facilities.

More than 4.000 locations in our warehouses.

More than 200 new items per year adapted to specific needs.

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